Project Bike Racks is a collective of designers working to develop interesting streetscapes through the use of functional public art. We create custom bike racks with a focus on community engagement, expanding visible bike amenities and increasing safety from bike theft.

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Community engagement

We’re a small team dedicated to the design and delivery of something totally unique to the communities we serve. We design bike racks with the goal of bringing people together.

We design bike racks that make a person stop, engage with the art, with each other and with the community. They’re a conversation starter, representative of the place they call home.

They create a landmark, a sense of belonging - and a practical place to lock a bike.

(Functional) Public Art

PBR works to develop interesting streetscapes through the use of public art. 

We understand the challenging relationship with public art. We pay taxes too. That's why PBR is focused on community engagement - we want to design and build functional bike racks that resonate with the people who, live, work and play there. 

Vibrant communities bring in good business too, with greater opportunities for tourism, local businesses and events.

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Visible bike amenities

Through our research, we understand that people are more likely to use cycling infrastructure if there are more visible bike amenities along their route. 

We've taken a look at the existing cycling infrastructure and traffic volumes to determine where these new racks should be placed in Calgary. Because these are high-traffic areas, the racks are designed to accommodate a large number of bikes.

Project Bike Racks aims to install bike racks where there are none - any bike racks removed to make room for the new ones will be redistributed to other areas lacking in bike amenities. 

Bike Safety

Form follows function in this case - we not only want these racks to be beautiful, but we want them to work. They will be safe, secure and visible. 

We believe there's safety in numbers. By creating racks that accommodate a large number of bicycles, we're making it tougher for bike thieves to getaway unnoticed.

The PBR design team wants to help you lock up properly - there are a bunch of ways to lock up your bike, these racks will ensure you're locked up well. 

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