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Project Bike Racks is currently installing a series of new bike racks in Calgary's Beltline area.

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Calgary's Beltline

We are currently working on installing four new bike racks in Calgary’s Beltline. As part of the Beltline community investment fund, we are creating functional art to improve public spaces to address the needs of the community. We’re focusing on high-traffic areas with limited bike amenities to enhance sidewalks, storefronts and cyclist safety.

Project Bike Rack Locations: 1. 11 Ave & 5 St S.W. 2. McHugh House 3. Hostel Bar


11 Ave & 5 St SW

11 Ave & 5 St SW

11 Ave & 5 St S.W.

We’re proud to be in the Beltline, so we wrote it out in big yellow letters.

We designed this rack to accommodate more bikes than the old racks would allow, while at the same time celebrating the Beltline as a standout Calgary community. The marquee lettering is playful but functional, creating countless ways to lock up. Find this rack on the corner of 11 Ave and 5 St SW - it’s bright yellow, hard to miss.

The McHugh House


In 2017, the McHugh House was moved to this spot from it's longtime home on 18 St S.W. Since then, it's become a hub for grassroots activity in the Beltline. The office space on the second floor is home to folks like Beatroute and CJSW. The main floor is a common space used for music, meetings and other community events. We took a spin on the classic YYC and spelled out our love for Calgary in American Sign Language.

YYC bike rack 17 Ave and Centre St SW

YYC bike rack 17 Ave and Centre St SW


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